Recent Updates

[03.08.10] - Hooray for the Blogger migration tool.  The Jadism blog is now at

[02.23.10] - Uploaded new CV(s) and added a publication list.

[10.12.09] - Updated CV(s).

[03.01.09] - Added Twitter feed to blog as well as gReader link.  Would have done gReader feed too, but couldn't get the formatting to look quite right (that is, proper color and indentation).

[10.23.08] - Blog is hosted here instead of livejournal now.  CV exists. 

[10.02.06] - Finalized splash page.  Please enable javascript. :)

[10.01.06] - Some protocols up.  More to come.  Currently deciding on how to resize window on the loading of the splash page.  Option AOption B.  Oh, and Happy Birthday, David!

[09.01.06] - Uploaded some poems.  More to come.

[08.31.06] - Finalized design of gallery front page and template.  Lined up scratchy edges.


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